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ubuntu VPN

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I am trying to create a VPN but i am having some issues ... when running the following commands:

source vars



I keep getting

"please edit the "vars" script to reflect your configuration , then source it with "source ./vars""

... i have done all of this why wont it work ;(

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+fusi0n    1,568

Can you most more info? What VPN Server are you trying to use? Or is this for a Client?

Ah, it looks like you are trying to use openvpn,

From the Ubuntu Forums, try this

1. Restart the PC

2. Open the terminal and type sudo su to log in as root

3. move to the easy-rsa directory (on mine, the files are in easy-rsa/2.0/)

4. type mkdir keys

5. type source ./vars

6. type ./clean-all

7. type ./build-ca

this seemed to work for everyone having issues in that thread..

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