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Which todo list apps (with web/mobile versions)

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Hi all,

I was wondering what site/apps people here use to manage todo/task lists. I've been looking for one with a decent feature set, web/mobile versions and not too expensive (it doesn't have to be free, but I don't want to spend much more than $25/year).

At the moment I'm using two different ones but they both have pluses and minuses;


+ Pretty

+ Native versions for every platform (iOS/Android/Windows/OSX/Web)

- Lacking basic features

- Devs take forever to add/fix features

- Buggy syncing


+ Has a massive amount of features for free users (and even more for premium)

+ Stable

+ Devs add nice new features all the time

- No native versions and it's a PITA to use on mobile

- Not very pretty :p

I tried RememberTheMilk at one point too, I can't remember what the problem was, but it didn't work properly for me.

I was hoping to find out that combined the aesthetics/apps of Wunderlist with the functionality and stability of Checkvist. Any suggestions?


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Not sure what phone your using but take a look Any.Do, They don't have a web version yet but a Chrome plugin.

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