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Accessing wireless router config site very slow


+Elliot B.    1,571

We moved into a shared house (via. letting agents) and can not gain access to the wireless router (locked room).

The ISP is TalkTalk (UK) (discovered by using the IP).

We can access the Belkin router via. and it's running the latest firmware (dated July 2008).

Our connection to the Internet is often fine but once a week or so, it is awful and struggles for hours (it's hard to even load a webpage without it showing "page can not be displayed").

Even loading each page on the router config website is slow (2+ minute page load times) or pages time out (80% of the time). This, to me, suggests something serious is occurring since grabbing pages from the router should load almost instantly I guess.

Any ideas?

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PGHammer    1,496
On 4/25/2013 at 6:53 AM, djdanster said:

Ah, I've had a similar issue is the past, for me it was when the router was under so much stress on it's little CPU (for what ever reason) and it (in my case) was getting too hot to function. Flicking the switch gave it the opportunity to cool down!

Since the router is old, it likely does need upgrading.  Further, if the router belongs to the ISP, it is their responsibility (the same applies if the ISP were Vodaphone or Three). BudMan, the very reason WHY these devices are "utter crap" (your words) is that they are underpowered for what they are being asked to do - have you not run into cases where a business makes a similar (if not identical) goof?  (True story - for some reason, a script was written for a VPN connection that ONLY works when connected to a specific port on a router (port 4).  It can be any router, made by any company, and of any speed - however, it ONLY works properly if the connection is via port 4.  Why would a VPN connection get that nitpicky?  I can see requiring a specfic speed (gigabit); but a specific port (but NOT a specific speed)?  Gigabit routers, fortunately, are commonplace in the home space - and have been for over a decade - there is zero reason to overpay for THAT capability.  What the ISP has to ask itself is what are the needs of the target users (it's no different than what a home user has to do in the same situation).  This is something I run into when designing home networks - and it gets harder and harder; the biggest issue is, in fact, wireless devices - not wired devices; in fact, there still remains a resistance to wiring an existing home for networking.  Therefore, wireless routers - in the residential space - are being asked to do more.  How many folks realize that "prosumer" routers can tune THEMSELVES to avoid conflicts with other routers in an area - and have been able to do so for years?  The "fail" point (for the owner/LAN administrator) is not rechecking the regional map as the neighborhood changes (kids get older, etc.).  If you have teenagers in the area, you will certainly need to re-check the regional map on a monthly basis at minimum - if not on a weekly basis - as devices move in and out.  (Still, that is something the router can do - if you permit it.)

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