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We are in the process of converting to a SQL 2012 backend for all of our Access 2013 databases. We are moving all the data tables into SQL and leaving the forms in Access. I am trying to create a SQL trigger that will send an email when a table is updated. For some reason, the email will not send. I've already set up SQL Email and confirmed it is working. When the table is updated by Access, no email is sent. But if I update the SQL table manually, the email is sent. Does Access update tables in such a way that the trigger wouldn't work? Thanks!

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Wow, 81 views and no ideas! Didn't mean to stump everyone! I figured out the problem though. It was permissions. The database users had no rights to the msdb database. That is why I could update the table (as sa) and the email worked, but updating the table through Access failed. Once I gave the group appropriate rights to the msdb database it started working great!

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