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Hi Guys!

As part of my Software Engineering degree, I have to do a "Dissertation Project" in my final year. This involves creating a creating a piece of software, and doing various academic research/write ups about it.

I'm struggling to choose a good title/project for my dissertation. I'm very interested in web design - and it would probably be good to do a 'web-based' dissertation.

I was thinking about doing something on "Responsive Web Design", but I'm worried that it might become outdated after a few years.

I was also interested in creating a "Simple CMS Application" but not sure if this would be advanced enough.

I would really value any ideas or feedback from you guys! Its such an important decision, and I'm sure you guys will know what's best.


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I just finished my research project for my degree. The advice I would give is to never do anything too complicated. Do something simple and build it up slowly from there. Know what works, what doesn't work and why it doesn't work with whatever you are doing. Only then, move onto the next stage. Also plan it out well. There are still other units going on so make sure you keep going to those lectures and studying for those.

I'd suggest picking something you enjoy but be warned that it doesn't always turn out how you expect it to.

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