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So we are running GFI Mail Essentials currently. It was being used for Spam Filtering along with a "News Letter" type of ListServ which is built in. I have migrated all of our Spam filtering for Exchange over to our Sonicwall and that appears to be working well.

I have disabled all of the SMTP Event Sinks for GFI from running while scanning mail. I want to totally ditch he GFI install, because it runs a few processes that use a few hundred MB of ram. So the only thing the GFI is doing at this point is listening for mail for the newsletter.

Here is how it works.

Person sends e-mail to : newsletter-subscribe@domain.com - They receive e-mail to reply back to be added, they do, they are added in our system and a confirmation e-mail is sent

Person sends e-mail to - newsletter-unsubscribe@domain.com - They receive e-mail to reply back to be removed, they do, they are removed and a confirmation e-mail is sent.

Internal user that is "granted" access in the GFI newsletter section, sends e-mail to newsletter@domain.com, it generates outbound e-mail to each person on the list.

It's pretty simple works good, and also removes any subscribed e-mail addresses if they come back rejected/unknown.

So what I am looking for is something that is similar, that runs on the Exchange box, no PHP/Web-based stuff. And free if possible.


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I think you may be able to make a transport rule to accomplish this.

I will have to play with it but I think it is possible. I know users now have the ability to manage distribution lists themselves but I can't see why it can't be done with sending an email to the list.

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Yeah issue with distribution lists seems to be that you have to setup an "External Contact" with SMTP address for each user. And these users will be external to our system and not part of our organization.

I am checking into http://www.mailchimp.com right now, it may work for what we need. But any testing/suggestions would be helpful.

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