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Heisenberg is headed south of the border.

Sony Pictures Television and Teleset revealed that the dark journey of Walter White, from cancer survivor to criminal mastermind, is set for an adaptation for Latin American audiences.

"Critics and audiences love 'Breaking Bad' and its original take on the drug dealing business," said Angelica Guerra, senior vice president and managing director, production, Latin America and U.S. Hispanic for Sony. "It is a very relevant story for all audiences, produced with the highest standards, in spectacular locations with the best talent in the region."

Much like the original, the newly titled "Metastasis" will center on everyman chemistry teacher Walter who is plunged into the seedy world of drugs and crime after he is faced with a grim health diagnosis. Diego Trujillo will take on the role of Walter Blanco, portrayed in the AMC hit by Emmy winner Bryan Cranston. Trujillo will be joined by Roberto Urbina ("Che: Part 1") as Walter's accomplice Jose, Sandra Reyes ("El Cartel") as Walter's wife Cielo, and Julian Arango ("El Cartel") as his narcotics agent brother-in-law Henry. Hopefully this will eventually lead to the introduction of fast food chicken restaurant owner/accomplice 'The Colonel.'

Alex Marin, senior vice president of distribution at Sony, added, "'Metastasis' is masterfully complex and irresistibly compelling. We are sure the show can bring the audiences and acclaim garnered by the U.S. series to broadcasters in Latin America."


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Why not just spend a little less cash and do a decent dub? Can't replace the drama and action of the original regardless of how close they make it!

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