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And Islam strikes again. Something needs to be done about this quick, i can see Civil war breaking out in the UK within 10 years if this doesn't stop, We already have "muslim run" areas in the UK and it sickens me.

At no point could i go over to a muslim run country and have the freedoms/human rights that these idiots get, Yet this same glorious country that gives everyone free money/houses should change to be like the ****ed up ###### your family came from,

Unfortunately Muslims are forcing English peoples hand, If you want war you'll get war and i can promise one thing.. I'll be going down ****ing swinging.

Before i get attacked for "racism/religous hate"...I have plenty of friends from all backgrounds, but in my experience Muslims are the most sneaky, underhanded, backstabbing, rude and self righteous people out there....

Muslims, Take a page from the Sikhs book, They came tot he uk, they changed their ways, they respect our laws, they fight alongside us, they call themselves English and they certainly dont group rape young English girls.

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It seems strange that most of these stories involve Muslims or me of the Middle Eastern descent, or is it just media bias?

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Another Muslim gang raping young girls. Surprise, surprise! We should really take more care handling visa applications from Islamic countries.

We already have our own problems with chavs and the like, so why import more problems? I agree with the above poster, ship them out of our country. Families included.

Hell yeah get them out of the country, but what does being Muslim have anything to do with it? I could have easily pictured a Christian or as a matter of fact any other person.

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