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Best format to import into DVD Flick/other DVD software

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Someone has asked me to create a DVD video disc from some HD files they have given me.

For importing into DVD Flick or other DVD creation software, would it better for files to be in MP4 or AVI, for best picture quality? Each DVD will be about 90 minutes long. The software I am using can also output MPEG2 and H264 - would MPEG2 be best?

Also, must DVD video be burned at a lower speed to reduce errors? I've burnt many DVD data discs at 16x without any problems.

Finally, would pro software (Final Cut Pro/Adobe alternatives) give much better output? I have noticed some slight pixelation with some discs I have burnt with the various free (and popular) software around. The person is rather picky about quality - he wants the best possible. Commercial DVDs seem to have no pixalation at all (including ones that are two hours long).

I have yet to try out the OEM DVD video software (from Sonic) included with my drive.

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If you want it to play in a standard dvd player, it has to be MPEG2.

The nice thing is if you're coming from a higher quality source (say HD) and converting (down) to Mpeg2. It will be the best video quality mpeg2 you can have. DVD/Mpeg2 is inferior / lesser quality video codec, but it's the standard for dvd players.

Burning at slowest speed helps make it read in older dvd drivers / players.

You can use higher end video editing to create dvd menus, or if you want to alter the video.

For altering video, the video editing software can attempt to prove lesser quality converted up to MPEG2.

Ex. You take some old 1930's video's from Internet Archive, and trying to make a dvd.

Coming from HD down to SD (Mpeg2), your more manipulating the look vs actually improving the quality.

With any video encoding software, make sure you enable multiple pass encoding vs single pass faster encoding.

I've used this software for simple dvd creation - http://www.freemake....ideo_converter/

(Carefull of third party search/browser install prompts during installation).

However, I've only messed around with VHS to dvd, public domain internet archive to dvd in a non-serious way.

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