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'Pop tart' kid gets NRA membership

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necroxd    57

Then you obviously know nothing about criminology. People who are of sound mind can, and do kill.

Call of duty is a game, and despite what retards like Jack Thompson say games don't turn children violent. Teaching them to shoot and kill from a young age however does. People like DocM and Kingcracker are a living testament to what groups like the NRA do to people.

Showing someone how to load, shoot, and safely handle a weapon resent make them killers either then. By your logic surgeons are murderous psychopaths, someone showed them how to open up people mess with their squishy bits remove some stuff and sow them back up.

this is why I like you.... you actually know your wildlife conservation .... and guns ... u know guns... I like this...

I got into an argument with a woman in the street cause she called me a murderer for trying to join the deer cull and hunting rabbits ... she said "chemical castration" ... . ye well done dumb ass that will help with survival of the fittest ... -___-

Don't know the man but every time he speaks I pay attention. He speaks with a wisdom that is only gained through age and experience with some maturity as seasoning. The guy is knowledgeable and knows what he's talking about when he makes a comment.

A guy with flatulence isn't normal either, doesn't make him mentally ill. The argument was that one simply has to be mentally ill to kill and that's false because they do not.

flatulence is one of the most normal things a person can do. Next your gonna say drinking water is a heinous act.

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eXtermia    16

I wasn't talking about legal definitions -- but about my personal standards.

In my world view, killing for little reason, is unnecessary and very mental. ;)

Killing insects, fish, plants, fowl, brain cells (or even sperm cells with spermacide) , bacteria, or only things with a nervous system that uses pain receptors?

I think my body kills millions of bacteria daily oops, and i probably killed a few insects at night if i happened to ingest them. I think I might have a pimple to kill too, oh i know you arent supposed to squeeze them, nvm i have none to kill today. Perhaps I will just kill a few minutes being random on this thread.

I am just playing.. or am I.. shifty eyes.

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