Is Lebron tanking on purpose. Predictions ?

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Maybe Lebron is waiting for a game 7 to turn the switch on to get back his positive image in the advertising world. - I Don't think I've ever see such a great player play so incredible one night and suck so bad the next. Hats off to the San Antonio Spurs who shut them down. LeBron's Miami Heat blew out the Spurs in game 2 and in game 3 they get blown out. LeBron passed up 18 foot jump shots all night with guys 4-6 feet off of him. WHAT? The guy just doesn't have the MJ killer mentality. I can't help but remember back to LeBron's last year in Cleveland when he just quit and shut it down at the end of games. He just mentally fades away in games. I've heard all the hoop announcers make their predictions and they all have been wrong. I love the Spurs and you have to admire what Danny Green and Gary Neal did in game 3. With Tony Parker being questionable with his hamstring it's allot to expect performances from Green and Neal again like they did in game 3.

- Who is going to win this series and do you see LeBron getting his head out of his *** and taking over games, or

- Will the Spurs continue to have great play from the bench and play great D continuing to frazzle the 3 Amigo's LeBron, Wade, and Bosh (who?)

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