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Here's ?10,000 fantasy money to trade with

Welcome to Halifax Fantasy Trader. Here you'll find everything you need to learn how to share deal, practice your skills or perfect your latest strategies, risk-free. Halifax Fantasy Trader is designed to work like our real share dealing account, but instead of risking your own money, we'll give you ?10,000 fantasy money to play with. You can then decide to challenge your share dealing ability by trying new investments and strategies. Or, if you're feeling confident, you can take up our challenge to be one of our Top Fantasy Traders and work your way up our leader board.

From 24th February 2011 we moved to a new pricing strategy that tracks the market, we no longer use 15 minute delayed prices for UK and US markets. This further enhances the Fantasy Trader game bringing the prices you trade more inline with real time prices.

To begin Fantasy Trader, please register or sign in to the right. Then make the most of this FREE try-before-you-buy service. Plus, don't forget to add this page to your favourites, so it's easy to find next time.


Not sure how many of you guys will be interested in this


Halifax Stocker Trader is a Fantasy games


you get ?10k of play money to start off with and you buy and sell stocks 


The difference with this game is that the game will use real world values/charges/commission rates etc


I find it good fun *but then again i work in financial services)


give it a try and see how you get on



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+John Teacake

I always like things like this!

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This is interesting, I'm going to give this a go.

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