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Audio software question, input emulation

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I have probably got a really strange question that I'm not sure anyone will have any insight into. It's actually 2 questions that are kind of similar. I'll start with the problem.


I have this device/software called the Elgato Game Capture HD, which I use to record video game footage from my Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. In a patch that came out a while back for the software, they introduced live commentary, which basically meant it would take the audio from my microphone of choice and sync it on top of the game footage. This was a terrific feature, however I'm now trying to accomplish something slightly trickier.


I want to do dual commentary. I have a friend who I love to banter with while I stream my game, but the Elgato software doesn't have any way of letting me also add my friends Skype call as an addition audio source. So my first question is; is there I way to get around this?

I'm thinking there might be a software that will allow me to take multiple sound sources (being able to choose specific software audio would be nice, so it can only grab the audio from skype) and make a single sound source that it can emulate as an input source (microphone). That way, in the Elgato software, instead of selecting my microphone as the input source I could add this custom input.


I know this sounds really weird, but I really hope there's a way to do this. If anyone has any suggestions how I can add my buddy to my game stream I would be very grateful.


Actually, I do have another question. Although this one is probably even more impossible. Since neither me nor my buddy want to hear looping or our own voices, we don't want to be listening to the actual stream that the viewers look at. However, that's the only place my friend can hear the game audio. So my second question is, is there a way for me do combine my voice and the game audio as another custom sound source so that I can select that as the microphone in Skype? This is very similar to what I'm asking for in question 1. I'd like to point out that I can drag a Headphone jack from my TV to the PC in case that helps.


Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks is advanced.



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