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Replacing Image with Flash when not supported

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NeoxCore    0

I currently have a website at

On the home page there is Flash animation.

The Flash animation works great until the site is loaded on

a mobile device. The mobile device ask the user to install

Flash plugin, which isn't possible on many mobile devices.


-How do I replace the flash animation with a still image

 when flash is not supported. 


I have tried using the following resources without much luck.


-Using the code from the above links, the still image is not placed exactly where the flash animation is on mobile devices and overlaps or goes behind the flash animation on Internet Explorer.

Also the Flash download icon remains visible on mobile devices.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Seahorsepip    532

You can use javascript to identify the browser or use php.

You can also identify using javascript if the browser support flash:


And I recommend getting rid of the flash animation ;)

Instead write a css version with javascript and css3 :P

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ashpowell    81

I agree with Seahorsepip, get rid of flash.. What you use flash for can be very easily achieved with js & css

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