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Windows 8.1 Mini-Review

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Mikeparkie    6

several things i dont like 


1. search charms are slow to return results

2. lack of creating a system image for backing up

3. cannot turn off skydrive explorer link 


everything else is a nice improvement. 

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Hmmm, seems that for me it will be just bug fixes that will be of any relevance.  I don't use the Start Screen or Metro Apps at all.  I have bought Start8 and disabled all hotspots, charms, etc.  I don't use a touchscreen, and I don't use 'the cloud' at all (wouldn't trust MS or anyone else with my data if they paid me) and I don't do Social Networks.  Thank goodness this will be a free update!


I still crack up at how MS think that just adding a Start Button to the Start Screen is going to appease everyone who has moaned!


I for one use my PC (desktop) without using touch, The Cloud, Apps or anything like that!  Windows 8.x seems to be aimed at magament types who only use their 'PC' for management type work (emails, web browsing, calanders, basic word processing and spreadsheets, etc) and not at the heavy hitters (3D modelling, Complex Graphic Design, Advanced Audio Production, Hardcore Gaming and those who need to run several programs on screen at once).


Apps are no replacement for full featured suites of software and the Start Screen/Touch is far to impractical for real use.  Where my wife works Health and Safety rules (UK) mean their monitors have to be beyond arms length anyway!


I have no problem with change... when it's for the better!  Windows has been evolving nicely for years and years and now has suddenty taken a turn for the worse!


It seems to me the PC is getting dumbed down lately.

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