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Hi, I want to make a slideshow that displays customer testimonial quotes, with a fade transistion in between each quote.


I initially made a series of jpgs then created a swf slideshow, which I then converted to html5. It looks fine on the website when viewed on my laptop, but not on my iPhone because it extends past the margins.


So, long story short, can I make a text-based slidewhow that wraps when viewed on mobile devices? It would be great if I could avoid creating jpgs and just type the quotes in.




ps - as you can see, my skills are pretty old-school and out-of-date. apologies in advance tfor that :)

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You will need to write the script with array for the quotes.


You will be able to find it on scripts websites all over the internet such as hotscripts.com, etc.


I have done that before for my website but it has been changed... I don't have the script on me at the moment.


You can use 1 quote per day script so the same quote will be displayed today then next quote will be displayed tomorrow, go on. Or you can use random quote per page load on each visitor.


Try to find the script called 'rotating text script' or 'random quote script' something like that... that suits your needs.

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No problem.

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