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Fake Microsoft Security Essentials popup on Neowin

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Azies    337

This, is why I use adblock, just saying folks.

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Vykranth    527

Just want to point out that it isn't the advertiser, if someone pays to display ads on Neowin then they will be accepted if they aren't on a known blacklist.


I'm going to guess that this ad is probably not a company, but a single person who paid money to display a rogue ad on Neowin just like I could on another site if I wanted to.


Certainly but, from my point of view, as a basic member, I get an ad which tries to install malware. Whether it is a company or an individual is not relevant, they managed to pass whatever screening process the ad company had and they gain a window of opportunity to spread their filth.

Ultimately and this is the part that saddens me, the site that suffers from that would be Neowin

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Marshall    15,353

The advert that I reported before is still present:




Which comes back with this, via Eset...




Perhaps a false positive, but the advert is formatted wrong anyways. You cannot even see the dark text on the dark background.

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