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Gerowen    1,120

So in the wake of the Ubuntu forums being compromised, somebody shared a link to "Ubuntu Discourse".  The first thing I noticed was that it kind of looked like a forum, you could sort topics by category and stuff, but it also looked kind of like a social network feed because you didn't have to instantly go digging through sections of the forum to find the topic you wanted, and if you start scrolling, it just continues to load content instead of presenting you with a page counter, requiring you to click "Next Page".  I know that here at least, there have been several times I've wanted to check up on a topic and couldn't remember where it was located, and spent 5 or 10 minutes rummaging through various sections of the forum to find it because it wouldn't show up in the search tool.  It also has an option to split off a conversation into a new topic, making the act of going "off topic" a bit easier, without cluttering up the original post.


Anyway, for those of you who are interested, you can check it out at: .


Even if you're not an Ubuntu user, I think this new "Discourse" software, which is a project by Mr. Atwood, the guy behind Stack Overflow, has some interesting improvements over ye olde online forum, and could make online collaboration a bit easier.

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