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I just saw this post on the game's official site, and I think it's great news.



Just like in the single player campaign, Killzone: Shadow Fall?s multiplayer gives you the freedom to play the game exactly how you want. Using the new customizable Warzone features demonstrated in the trailer, you can pick the number of players (4-24), rules, mission modes, classes, abilities and weapons you want to allow in a match, then save these choices as a preset to share with the rest of the Shadow Fall community.




We?ve also redesigned our progression system to work with challenges rather than XP. There are over 1500 increasingly difficult challenges to complete in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer, so you?ll have plenty of opportunity to prove your skills and collect rewards. To increase longevity even further, we plan to continue support for the title well after launch ? and yes, DLC multiplayer maps will be released free of charge to ensure everyone can play.




I think that is a great decision, because it prevents the community from fragmenting.


I really like the fact that they are deliberately going away from the, now standard, RPG-ish progression system that most shooters have now. And the progression system is based off of challenges instead of accruing an ever increasing amount of experience; which I think sounds great in theory. Time will tell if works well. I'm also not sure what the progression system unlocks since the weapons, classes, and perks are available right away. It will be interesting to see what they do with that. Either way, the overall system sounds good.


This game is shaping up to be a great, I can't wait to try it out. 

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More info about the multiplayer progression.



XP has been thrown out the window, and instead of the usual levelling, progress is tied to a variety of challenges. Every gun, character class and game mode has its own, and put together there are over 1500 of them. Completing the challenges is rewarded with cosmetic stuff like new skins for the guns and characters alike, but there are also some more useful prizes like different ammo types and add-ons for the weapons. The game's director wanted to emphasize though, that players won't be able to gain the upper hand based simply on those, but that in the end it'll be individual skill that decides the winner.




As long as the new equipment and ammo don't unbalance the game, I'm happy. Sounds good.

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Team deathmatch gameplay. It looks gorgeous.


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Well, There goes another 60$ from my Wallet.  

I forsee many late nights starting mid november for me.

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