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Public school kids no longer forced to kneel before principal

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adrynalyne    8,150

Don't understand your tissue comment.. you really are degrading in your line of thought. Yep, confirmed for the ignore list.


FYI I already took my own advice and I don't whine about peoples jokes on the internet. That is just dumb on your part.


Thank god.  I was hoping you would have done that sooner.  I'd rather someone who thinks that jokes about little girls and sex acts are funny not pay attention to me.


Edit:  To respond to your edit, no you rather whine about people who disagree with said jokes.  How hypocritical of you.

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ILikeTobacco    839

Then the kid gets 'spanked' ... :shifty:

They banned spanking around here a while ago. Probably had something to do with your smiley. lol

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