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Ballmer to Retire

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Growled    3,880

 I'm hopeful Microsoft will get its act together.

I suspect they may in time, but it is going to take some time. Major corporations move slowly and I figure we'll be several CEO's down the road before they get things straightened out.

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Shiranui    1,700

Retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement,

retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement, retirement .... yes! 

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PGHammer    239

Well, I started to write a response but I'm sure we could both discuss this all day and we're already going off topic. It all comes down to, as always, using whatever works best for you. I was a long time iTunes user that hasn't used it for the last couple of years because I don't like it as much as the alternatives anymore. If you like it, then there's nothing wrong with it.

AJerman, that is the point I have been, in fact, been TRYING to make since the Developer Preview of Windows 8.


I have, in point of fact, been pointing out that the choice of what sort of applications to use - Win32, Win64, or ModernUI - is up to the user (and the developer).  Not Microsoft.  Naturally, there is no real choice if a developer only makes applications or apps for one choice - however, that is not Microsoft's fault.  (It's not the user's fault, either.)


Number of my Windows 7 applications and games that have failed to migrate to Windows 8 OR Windows 8.1 Preview - zero.  That's right - every application and game that Ii ran in Windows 7 that was NOT mooted by an OS-included feature I still use in Windows 8.1 Preview today - without exception.  (Virtual Clone Drive doesn't count for the understandable and sensible reason that it WAS mooted by a now-included OS feature - disc-image mounting.  Diskeeper?  Mooted by Disk Optimizer - I mentioned this in another thread.)


Are there Windows Vista or 7-based features that I use more in Windows 8 or 8.1?  Yes - Quick Launch in particular is one I use a lot more than I did in Windows 7 OR Vista; however, Taskbar pinning AND the SuperBar (both of which also carry over) are second and third, respectively.


Missing feature I wish for?  One missing feature I still wish for - a PowerShell CLI prompt from QuickTask.  (Server 2012R2 DOES have that feature from its version of QuickTask, as does Server 2012 itself - both have the feature in the Explorer ribbon; however, Windows 8 and 8.1 both lack it in QuickTask, while both include it in the Explorer ribbon.)  That really makes no sense, especially since PowerShell is a scripting language across both client and server versions of Windows alike.

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