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Rusty stings v1.0.1 has been released today, here are the released notes:


- Meat grinders rotating speed fixed

- Fixed a graphic bug

- Game speed adjusted

- Fixed a bug where guillotine would hit before it would do graphically

- Fixed a bug in which score/achievements were awarded if guillotine was dodged only partially

- Added reaction timer label

- Score cannot be submited without a name anymore

- In-game instructions added at the beginning

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Rusty Stings 1.0.2 is now live with the following changes:


- You can click any achievement in the score screen for more information about it

- Fonts use outline now for easy reading

- Game is more challenging now, difficulty has improved over a series of parameters

- Voices have been added and are played when you make mistakes

- Score pop-ups have been improved and gain/lose life pop-up added

- Extra life is now awarded at 20 dodges.

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Any Windows Phone love??? Especially 512 MB ones...

It might happen in the future, for now I haven't signed up for the Win8 developer program and I also don't have any Win 8 device to test on, but as soon as I'll have those I'll also make a Win8 port (blackberry planned too).

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