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Want a cycling Odometer !


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I am brousing the website to find a cycling Odometer for my older brother,he is now in a process of exersing everyday cos he's a bit overweight...his major activity is cycling so I come to this idea.

Then i find a 1.3? LCD Screen Cycling  Odometer computer

It has multiple functions like real-time display of the current speed, trip distance, riding time, trip time and so on ,at the same time aims at accuracy and portability,seems to be a very nice one.

Do you ever buy such a budget?if you have better choices ,pls tell me ...

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I use a plain old Cat Eye Cycle computer and it works wonders. Not sure i'd ever upgrade to anything more complicated as more can go wrong and if you're miles from home and it screws up you'll never know what you've covered etc.

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In regards to your link: - that's exactly what I bought off eBay, and it didn't work! The magnetic reed switch was faulty.


Get a CatEye - nothing else. Even a working used one will do. They're more expensive but it's worth the money (they will last and are very reliable). You get what you pay for. A low end unit should have all the functions you're after, and it shouldn't cost more than about $30.


Cycling is a great (and fast) way to get fit. You can travel kilometers over a day (instead of being stuck in one place), and get to know your city really well. Buy some tire liners too (Mr Tuffy's are available from many places online -

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