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Hello Neowin,


To celebrate 1,000 posts (which is the most posts I've had on any one forum) I've purchased a Tier 2 Subscription. This is to support this wonderful site filled with an excellent community. I'm having a great time here. This website is very well maintained, programmed marvelously, fast and (aside from the slight MS Bias) exactly what I want in a website/forum.


Here's to Neowin, and my first 1,000 posts! May there be 1,000 more! :pint:  :martini:  :uberhump:

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Don't lie. You wanted to celebrate by scrolling through all the nudes.


Wow, I had no idea it was like that in there. :o :D

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    • By Ian S.
      It came to my knowledge recently that a lot of people are thinking Windows 10 will only be free for one year, then you have to pay for the following years.
      I believe this thinking came from Windows "365" here: https://www.neowin.net/news/rumors-of-windows-365-pop-up-thanks-to-neowin-reader Windows 10 will be free to download for a full year exception of this is enterprise users (which operate separately anyways) Once downloaded, you can keep Windows 10 forever (given that your PC runs "forever") There is no annual, monthly license  Windows 10 is not just holographic, it contains other improvements  
      If you see anyone giving out false information, please correct them on any news site, comment section, in any conversation, messaging, and social media thread. The media has skewed the public's perception of Windows, we can not let them win. Analysts and general news reporter (like BGR and Yahoo!) are not Microsoft specialized and all they care about is the number of clicks on their articles. Neowin, Windows Central, WinBeta, Thurrott.com, and allaboutmicrosoft.com are good sources. Thurrott, MJF, and Brad are reliable Microsoft reporters, they cover Microsoft for a living.
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    • By LimeMaster
      Today I have reached over 1000 posts! Not really sure what to say expect this community is amazing and the admins and their staff have a good attitude and a great sense of humor. Thank you all for helping me achieve this milestone!
      Also since this is a special milestone, here's a picture of me. (Warning: The picture is quite big)

    • By Phouchg
      Oh hello there!
      I don't even know with what rambling I've filled those posts. No doubt, it's quite a lowly achievement, so I intend to continue.
      I want to explicitly underscore that 1K posts is 2^10 rather than 10^3. Or is it just an anecdotic cliche of those who always feel cheated by 24 grams for every kilogram of stuff they buy? I'm one of them. Just kidding.
      To justify for increasing the gravitational mass of Neowin (which as of recently is a proven fact), I've also decided to subscribe :)
      Long live (teh) Neowin!