WP Update 3: Have you installed it?

WP Update 3: If you have a WP.  

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I got prompted for an update last night and just installed GDR3 + Black today. The website hasn't updated yet but it looks like it's available for the 520 already.


MS Update 8.0.10492.116
Nokia update
MS Update 8.0.10517.150
MS Update 8.0.10512.142
MS Update 8.0.10501.127

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George P

Yup, good new for those on At&t. The closer we get to Build in April the more people update to gdr3. Every WP8 user should be on it by build or at the most before April is over.

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I updated to GDR3/Black...

Hardly anything changed. GDR2/Amber was 3+ times the update this one was.


Most noticeable changes in GDR3/Black are again, photo's are better. Grain is almost gone now. Compared to a year ago, both GDR2 and GDR3 improved that dramatically. Photo quality increased by at least 30% and that only through software updates.

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Mine is currently upgrading now.

Saw this thread and checked to see if there was an update. Now it is downloading :)

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Its installing here.. LOL!! Pakistan got today update for all except L620.


EDIT: Installed and felt snappier..

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After two failed attempts. It finally updated.

Will go through the new stuff tonight. One thing i do like though is i can now have custom message tones.

Now i can use my old ones from past phones to this.

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Currently updating my Verzion 928 to Black, just release today.

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Currently updating my Verzion 928 to Black, just release today.

Thanks for the tip.  Just updated mine.

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Finally got the OTA for GDR3 on my AT&T Lumia 520.

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