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Finance homework help

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aiis    0


Could someone tell help me out? I have been trying to calculate CAGR for Canada's GDP growth between 1980-1985. With these being the numbers:


1980: 11,214.132

1981: 12,380.687

1982: 112,527.494

1983: 13,446.095

1984: 13,852.027

1985: 14,063.545


I am not sure if I should use 5 years or 6 years for calculating and if the calculation underneath is right:


(14,063.545/11,214.132)^1/6= 1.04632 =4.632%


However, I have found different results in this document, see page 1: http://www.isc.hbs.edu/pdf/Student_Projects/UK-London_InternationalFinancialServicesCluster_2007.pdf


Thanks in advance!



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Nick H.    9,018

Signing up to ask a technology forum about finances? Well I guess I've seen stranger things...

I can't help on the finance front, Economics wasn't really a strong suit for me thanks to my teachers. :(

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