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O hai.


So I've got this problem with VirtualBox 4.3 I've no idea how to solve.


Installing VBox a few days ago caused me a 0x4F BSOD (which I've *never* seen before) due to RtNic64.sys. But I recognize that as my own fault - I had recently teamed my board's two adapters "just because" and forgot to restore that config to ordinary before proceeding with other such nonsense.


After that, however, VBox wouldn't install anymore and would throw me "setup ended prematurely" and fatal error dialog. I suspected leftover network drivers (which there were, first time, because rollback didn't ever happen). Removed them (and only them) from Device Manager and told it to actually delete driver files, too.


No joy, though, because, as it happens, it's USB Support option that actually causes the error. If it's unchecked, VBox installs, runs (and uninstalls) fine. And here's what log file gives:

DIFXAPP: INFO:   Installing INF file 'D:\Programs\Oracle VirtualBox\drivers\USB\device\VBoxUSB.inf' (Plug and Play).
DIFXAPP: INFO:   Could not open file C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vboxusb.inf_amd64_neutral_6a02844346cccfaa\vboxusb.inf. (Error code 0x3: The system cannot find the path specified.)
DIFXAPP: ERROR:  PnP Install failed. (Error code 0x3EE: The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid.)

Why wouldn't it even be there? :s

What exactly went borked because of that BSOD?


Now, USB support is not a crucial component, but fixing it is still preferable, is it not...



Vital testing apparatus in question runs Windows 7, fully updated. Installing from Administrator, as Administrator. No security suites running.


--halp pl0x kthx--

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:dontgetit: :cry: :crazy:


Oh well...

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Kind of fixed it on my own by copying the respective missing folder from another Windows 7 x64 machine into the DriverStore (taking ownership of everything in the process).

Installs, runs and with much certainty works fine.

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