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PC Upgrade/build

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Milites    0

Hey guys, i want help building a new PC! (Or upgrading i'll get onto this later). I have a Budget of ?500 ($800) or lower if possible!


Firstly, I want a PC that can run current games on highish settings and would prefer an intel build with the option of upgrading to an I7 later down the line once i have more cash. But, if you can help me make a AMD bundle thats equally as good for a vastly lower lower price, i would take note.


Secondly, would you say i could save alot of money by upgrading my current rig?


My system specs are:


CPU - AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 Quad 3.6 Mhz

RAM - 4 GB

GPU - ATI 6570

Motherboard - Asus M5A88-V Evo

and a 550w PSU


Thanks so much for the help! Im not too good at making cost effective builds so the help is much apprechiated!

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+PeterUK    63

The CPU is not too bad but it mainly your GPU being a ATI 6570 and going with a new CPU & Motherboard will not help you much if you can upgrade the GPU as well.


It would be better to get a new GPU and maybe a new PSU and more RAM running a 64bit OS and then look at getting a new CPU & Motherboard later on.

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+PeterUK    63

You don't have to change your CPU mostly just the GPU so go more on that like a GTX 760 and what RAM do you have now? PSU go with a Corsair CX600 for a one card setup that should do you for five years unless GPU's get power hungry. Like a said hold off on getting a new CPU & Motherboard unless its a game that demands on the CPU and is single core use. But then the CPU you have now does limit the GPU upgrade you put in down so theirs that.


So in all likely hood saying you upgrade to a i7 from this build below might not happen because their will be always something better and you have to upgrade the Motherboard to get it later on.


Here is a Intel setup to do the whole lot.

Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 will not do SLi just as a note

Zotac GeForce GTX 670 or GTX 760

Intel Core i5-4670

Corsair CX 600W

check in today only for offers


and use the RAM you have now

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