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Can't use google Plus Keep Gettting Error

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I keep getting some weird CSS error I've used it all day no issues and I've been refreshing for a good 5 minutes any ideas? 


EDIT: I added another picture this is what it looks like from YouTube I can't load the actual site



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I'd bet their server isn't kicking the CSS out quick enough. Let them have a while to fix it and it should be good.

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ill wager your browser is the issue.  you do not say if you have tired a differnet one.  if it works with another browser you may want to look at your plugins or run a malware scan.

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Anibal P

Have you deleted you Temp Files, Cookies and History?


First thing to do if any site starts acting up, maybe even a reboot and the what alphamale said 

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Roger H.

FYI I was getting that yesterday too when I checked but it seems to be working just fine now.

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thanks for the help guys I just ended up waiting it out and it eventually started to work again

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