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XBOX 360 Must have exclusives

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0nyX    259

So my brother is thinking of buying an XBOX 360 and I was wondering what are the EXCLUSIVE titles that you guys recommend. I have to mention that he already owns a PS3 so all the major cross platform titles have been played there and that is why my question is about exclusives.


He really likes third person action adventure games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted (but he has already played these in PS3) and racing games. First person shooters not so much.


Keep in mind the above, the exclusives I know he is going to love are:


Alan Wake

Forza 4

Forza Horizons (main reason he wants a 360 after he tried FH on a store)


Also on another note between Slim and E which version of 360 would you recommend? Reading many articles on the internet I came to conclusion that E is the same price as slim with less ports and no serious improvements in noise and temperature so Slim is better.


Thanks :)

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.Ruby    83

He might as well get Titanfall even if he's not big on it.


The 360 doesn't have a whole lot of exclusives going for it, some live arcade games might catch his interest though

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Brendeth    178

I have a slim and I love the design, unless your brother REALLY likes the E, I say go with the Slim as you should be able to find that for cheaper (Hopefully)

As for exclusives
- Gears of War Trilogy
- Halo Reach,
- Halo ODST
- Halo Wars.
- Viva Pinata (Only if he dig simulation games)
- Bastion (I believe that is also on Steam now, still a great game)

- Banjo Kazooie (Just an upscaled version of the 64 game, still amazing!)
- Lost Oddysey (For the JRPG fan)

- Crackdown
- Shadow Complex

- State of Decay
- The Outfit

- Fable 2

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0nyX    259

Thanks for the replies. I will definitely look into these games. :)


Is there any gameplay video of Titanfall in 360? It seems I can only find it on xbox one.

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