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Intel wireless display WiDi - Do you use it? How do you view content on Tv?

How do you primarly view/listen content on your Tv? NOT things under your tv   

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  1. 1. How do you primarly view/listen content on your Tv from your computers, phones, cameras, tablets or other devices?

    • I Primarly use hardwired connections (HDMI, VGA, USB, 3.5mm, Etc.) to view/listen to content on a Tv
    • Yes I own Widi enabled product(s), I perfer and use them over alternatives.
    • I primarly use DLNA, Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplay or similar methods to view/listen to content on my tv
    • None of the above. I do not use any of the above choices to view/listen to content on my Tv

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tytytucke    14

The Intel WiDi has been around awhile but it is taking its time to become popular.


I have a newer Acer laptop and Samsung Smart Tv that are on the higher end of features and price, but I was surprised to find out neither of them supported WiDi out of the box. I have always connected my desktop computer to view my desktop on my Tv through HDMI but now that I am using my laptop as my primary computer and I am thinking of using Widi to view my laptop(desktop view) to my tv. does anyone here use it? should I?



Voting - let me know

 I was wondering how everyone prefers to connect to their Tv to view/listen to content for there other devices. NOT your cable box, dvd player or other things under your Tv. But from your phones, tablets, desktops, digital cameras, etc... Vote for what you primarily use and let me know below what you use it for and how you like it.



More info on WiDi on windows 8.1

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raghavny80    0

Pairing between devices is unreliable, Connectivity is not stable, Display Lag problems, DRM restrictions etc - Until these issues are sorted out, Technologies like WiDi (by Intel) and Miracast (available in Nexus Phones) will not really see much adoption.

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