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Well, the topic sums it up nicely.

I joined in June 2004, and in the nine years that I have been here I appear to have made 10,000 posts. I think that averages about 3 posts a day, although I'm sure that I have become a more active poster in the recent years.

Neowin has been my favourite community, and the one that I have stayed with for the longest time. When I was invited on to the team over the summer (was it really only that long ago? It already seems longer) I was honoured, but also grateful that I could try and give back to a community that I really care for.

I hope my contributions to the site have been helpful where possible, or have cheered people up or made them chuckle (on that I refer mostly, of course, to the Random Pictures Thread).

Let it be known that I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, and as always if people want to contact me via PM I will always try my utmost to respond and help where possible.

With the soppy stuff done, I think I'm going to go and get a beer to celebrate. :laugh:

Cheers all,

Nick H. (Intrinsica)

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