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Early Black Friday violence reported

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As the WSJ did a great job reporting last week... The retailers have stopped offering below cost discounts and instead work with manufacturers to get to a price point that allows them to still make a profit. They also use the infamous "% off" trick where they only list "MSRP" as the normal price even though they never sell at MSRP. Allowing them to advertise extreme discounts when the real discount may be negligible at best.


There is a reason the sales are so wide spread. No one is losing money, but taking advantage of the consumers who think they are getting a bargain.


Stores also field loss leaders, true bargains that pinch profits but are aimed at getting customers into their stores. Most deals, however, are planned to be profitable by setting list prices well above where goods are actually expected to sell.


The BIG items - the ones that the morons should be in the line for, the ones with limited quantity - those are the loss leaders. Those are what I'm talking about. If you're shopping for ANYTHING else, you shouldn't be at the store that day.

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