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131 in the Mojave Desert Sounding Loud and Proud in Kentucky

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Gerowen    1,234

So during daylight hours for CB radio operators there's usually tons of skip, which is basically radio waves bouncing off the ionosphere.  It can happen at night if there's good cloud cover during inclement weather, but generally speaking as the sun goes down, skip dies out and the airwaves get quieter.

Anyway, I live in eastern Kentucky, and I heard this guy riding skip in from the Mojave desert, right at 2,000 miles away, and he was louder than a lot of the local guys from around here.  His station sounded amazing so I just had to record a video of it to show other people.


Just for a reference, when the sun goes down I can talk out to about 50-60 miles around here and that's about it, so hearing somebody skip in from over 2,000 miles is pretty sick.



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