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nukenorman    44

So I have a rather odd culture question but I am very curious to know. I have done some traveling in my life time and noticed one thing ( I notice eveyrthing so can not hep it ).

Why do Graveyards in Angelo Saxon/ Germanic countries use grass while Romance Latin countries only use gravel or something else but no grass at all.

USA and Canada use grass because of the Germanic/ British influence. Basically in Europe Germanic countries such as  Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Scandanavia and others all use Grass but as soon as you cross the border to France or other Romance speaking countries they do not use grass ( unless its an American/British/Aus/NZ/Canada war memorial  graveyard in France or another Romance Latin speaking country.

Any reason to this??
Basically if anyone knows this reason I would greatly like to hear. I personaly think they look better with grass but that is just my opinion. Just wondering how this trend all started with not having the grass in Romance Latin countries.

Examples Typical French graveyard and other Romance speaking country with no Grass

Typical Graveyard with gass in Germanic/ Angelo Saxon countries.

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