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Google brings Chrome OS straight into Windows 8

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BajiRav    2,122

Which ones?

I don't personally care for Chrome (IE11 and Ff are my main drivers) but here is a good list by Ed Bott. All of them seem to be valid problems.


  • There?s no pinch-to-zoom support. I opened Chrome 32 in Windows 8 mode on two touch-enabled Windows 8 devices. Although I could use a finger to scroll, select objects, and open links, the pinch-to-zoom gesture doesn?t work. That?s a particular problem on high-DPI screens (relatively small size, with full HD resolution), where the text for web pages is unreadable. You have to use the Zoom menu to resize pages in that mode.
  • There?s no app bar, either. Normally, swiping up from the bottom of a Windows 8 app (or, on a desktop PC, right-clicking or using the Windows key+Z shortcut) opens the app bar at the bottom of the screen, with additional commands. This functionality doesn?t work in Chrome?s Windows 8 mode. Likewise, Chrome Settings aren?t available from the Settings charm (Windows key+I) as they are in other apps.
  • The Share charm is unsupported. One of the signature features of Windows 8 apps is the ability to pass content between apps using the Share charm. Using the Windows 8 version of Internet Explorer, for example, you can send a link to Twitter, to Evernote or OneNote, or to a new Mail message. After more than 18 months of Chrome development on Windows 8, this feature isn?t enabled, which means Chrome doesn?t play well with other Windows 8 apps.
  • Web pages display incorrectly when using Windows 8.1?s snap mode. One of the signature features of Windows 8.1 is the ability to snap apps at variable widths. That capability is especially well executed with scenarios like opening a photo from the Windows 8.1 Mail app or viewing info about an available update from PC Settings. In those cases, the original app shrinks to occupy the left side of the screen, with the second app opening to its right. Because Chrome in Windows 8 mode looks like a Windows 8 app, you can snap it to half-screen size. But when you do, the app?s contents don?t resize to the new shape. The result is a mess, with half the screen (including the Chrome menu) invisible and inaccessible.


I also read somewhere that Chrome has started using non-native controls (scroll bars and check boxes) that are too small even for a mouse.

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DConnell    5,457

Amen. The Windows 8 apologists defending turning the PC into a closed-platform do more to drive me away from Windows than any campaign from Apple or Google could ever hope to.


How is the PC a closed platform under Windows 8? I can run anything I want on my stationary PC and laptop.


RT is a different story, but that's no different from iOS. And I know of at least one person who would benefit from a closed platform. Had 2000 instances of malware on her system when I cleaned it up and then got scammed 3 days later. She really should have a Surface RT. Or a Chromebook. Anything that can limit the amount of trouble she can get into.

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