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Required an Excel Macro please

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Mazhar    55

In an excel sheet, I want a macro to do this:


1. Filter a column. Let?s say the column is ?Customer Name?.

2. Select and copy the results (all visible data).

3. Paste into new sheet. The name of a sheet will be its Customer Name.

4. Similarly filter all the customers and create their sheets with respective customer names.


Secondly I want another macro to do this:


For each customer mentioned above, open a new email in Outlook 2010, copy and paste the results (from above) in the body (don?t attach the file, but instead copy & paste the data) and fill the ?To?, ?Cc?, ?Subject? fields and then save each email in Drafts folder.


Please help, thanks!

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Seahorsepip    539

And what has excel to do with web development exactly? I'd rather use microsoft acces for databases of customers by the way, way easier to export those or combine them with a script.

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