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Various win 8.1 issues

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Hitman2000    17

The first issue im having is constant 30-40% cpu usage even when no application,apps or anything is running.


I did a fresh install of 8 did updates downloaded 8.1 from windows store, all drivers up to date. For the first few days its been fine when at rest the cpu is is at 0-2% usage.


Right now the antimalware service executable is always chewing up 15% of cpu


Service Host: Local system is also chewing up 15-25% of the cpu constantly. Which includes (14) : Application helper,Application information, Backgorund intelligent transfer, IKE and Auth IP, themes etc... and so forth.


When i did a clean install all these were also present, but as i said they wern't constantly using up 30-40% of cpu.



The second issue im having is shutdown or restart, it just hangs at the shutting down or restarting screen for ages without doing anything, so the other day i decided to leave it and came back about 30 minutes later and it was still stuck on shutting down screen without actually shutting down, so now i have to manually hold down the power button to turn off the pc.

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Chsoriano    60

First issue: do you have any HDDs or network locations that have a lot of data the antimalware service might be trying to scan?

Second issue: sounds like a device issue... Could be a USB device or something on the motherboard that's hanging the process. You could try disconnecting your USB devices individually and try shutting down/restarting the PC while they are disconnected (process of elimination). If you find one, look for new drivers.

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Jean-Xavier    0

I also had some issues with high CPU usage when my laptop/tablet is idling doing nothing with the screen turned off - temperature sensors sounded alarms at 70C!


upon investigation I found out that it was various scheduled maintenance tasks set to trigger when the computer is idle. I tried to disable them but it resets itself to original defaults - to resolve the issue I changed the trigger dates and times so it does not run at all - I do my own maintenance!

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