60Hz vs 120Hz, does it really matter? (Buying a new TV)

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I guess all TV's sold in europe are high end then. since they all are 60 minimum, and they play 50hz tv content judder free, because they switch internally to 50hz refresh rate driver. it's not a big change for a tv electronics to add a 50hz driver. 

Can we seriously get a ban for hawkman from this thread, every single post of his here is complete fud and serves no purpose.

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I'm not sure you know what fud means. feel free to ignore me though if you have a problem. 

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Here in Australia, I believe 100Hz TVs are a gimmick. I have a 50Hz LCD TV, and all motion (including from sport) seems very smooth. Surprisingly, 100Hz TVs in the store seem smoother than 50Hz TVs, however I wouldn't be surprised if it's been setup this way on purpose to make people purchase the more expensive models. I don't think humans can notice a difference above 50Hz/50 FPS.

Tests have shown the human eye can distinguish over 300.


Too bad most of our sources are far lower than that, but whatever works.  The tech will get there in some decade I'm sure.

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