Planning my XP upgrade future

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I have a question regarding upgrading my OS to XP Home edition. I own a full copy of win 95 - upgraded to Me then installed RC1. Will I need to buy the Full version of XP Home ed because on it's box it states:

[The full home edition is] "For PCs without Windows, or with Windows 95 or earlier versions"

When it comes to verification will my old Win 95 disk work?



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Steven P.

Upgrades will only work from Win98 and up

Win95 is not supported by Microsoft anymore, I dont know the status of upgrading from NT4 (if thats possible) It would be fun to see if you qualify for upgrade from RC1 that would be funny and an expensive bug (for MS)

ah just noticed you had Windows ME, you will be able to update using that disk :)

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