Which of these 2 TV's?

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I want to buy two 32 inch TV's for my kids. Doesn't need to be a smart TV because we have enough devices around the house. But I am curious, which one is the best between the two?








Or something entirely different in the same price range. Thanks!

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Stay far away from the series 4 Samsung at least. non full HD though that might not be important, but they also have a terrible panel. bad colors noisy darks, orang tint and low detail in bright and darks.


Don't know anything about the Vizio, but I figure if it's in the same price bracket it might have similar issues, though it's a cheaper brand and they often have better quality at the lower end than Samsung. in general though, you don't get decent quality untill you hit full HD as most HD ready sets use the same or similar panels, which are the cheapest around. 


I'd go to a store and have a loot at the sets there. Samsung doesn't get good PQ untill series 6. 

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