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So I have my battle station as people like to call it these days setup real nice and clean.


All wireless devices, nothing on the desk, monitors are wall mounted. 


The issue is sound. I have been using an old VSB200 (I think) Visio Soundbar, it sounds pretty darn good, no problems with quality (im no audiophile) but it's huge.


So I found this cheap Dunherm LCD Soundbar, and took a shot (it was really cheap) and it's beautifully tiny, but of course, it does not sound that great, at least not as good as the Visio.



So I am looking for suggestions, on the cheapest, but smallest soundbar out there. Are there even such things as LCD Monitor soundbars? The Dunherm I found was the first time I ever saw something like that. Normally it's TVs.


I suppose I would be willing to get a system with a sub-woofer, but if it has decent enough sound, then it should have decent base as well (the visio does).


I don't really have a price range, I may be willing to go expensive, but cheaper is always better lol

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