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[recommendation] A good replacement.

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I need some advice on backup software that is either paid for or freeware.


I have for many years used PowerQuest drive image, then when Norton acquired it, Norton Ghost.


Currently, 15 does not work properly in windows 8.


Reasons I need a replacement, that must work on Wndows 8.1, is because my sons PC is near dead, system errors, crashing and a real pain, it's probably


the mobo, it is pretty old now, (7 years) and settings don't work properly in it.


So I don't have time to build him one, found an above entry level one at ASDA, however comes with 8.1 pre-installed, (hangs head in shame).


So I need a backup utility that works just like Ghost.


So I can burn a backup, then if need be insert a disk created for the backup reboot and then pick backup to restore.


So just like Ghost.


I want to be able to do incremental backups (small ones) with just changes.


Thanks in advance for your help.




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O.K. thanks for your help, I am currently downloading the SP2 version, talk about a million questions to fill in before download of 60 day trial.

No problem.

It is a shame having to answer all the questions and/or register for a trial...

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