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IIS7 and subdomain in different folders

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sathenzar    23

Brief description:

So I'm a little lost guys. I'm used to using apache and I can just edit the virtual hosts file and make multiple subdomains bind to the same ip address with ease. I recently want to learn how to use IIS7 because it would be useful to know how to use both but jesus this is the biggest pain I've ever felt. I'm not sure what passing kidney stones it like but I'm sure this is right up there.


What I want to do:

I want to be able to simply have a subdomain of my site for internal testing purposes setup on my vm server. Tons of documentation says just add a host header to point to the subdomain. Well this doesn't work it just makes the subdomain point to the main site when you visit it from the vm client machine. When trying to create a new site and start the subdomain (using a different site definition under the site list of IIS7) it complained about another site using the same port, so I switched the ports and it started up on the server. But I still can't access the subdomain site from my vm client machine. What am I missing here? I can ping the subdomain and my server responds, so it has to be an IIS7 configuration issue here. I shouldn't have to change the ports either. That's just dumb. Apache lets me choose to bind each site to the same ip/port if I choose.

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