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Enable/Disable Instant Extended API for Google Chrome

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veternan    39
Hello friends,


Last night I updated my google chrome to newest version which is 32.0.1700.117 and noticed there is no more option in chrome://flags to disable "Instant Extended API". Well Okay! Google don't want us to disable Instant Extended API, but here comes another big problem that I need your help, Maybe I missed something but I don't!


When that pesky "Instant Extended API" is enabled, anything you type in omnibox will NOT bring you exact url address! for example if you type:


Omnibox will just offer you google search:



But if you disabled "Instant Extended API" then omnibox will show you full url suggestion:



Well I uninstalled version 32.0.1700.117 and back to 32.0.1700.107 with Instant Extended API set to disabled.  :) for now.


Anybody knows how to fix above issue for version 32.0.1700.117 and above which doesn't have Instant Extended API option so typing name of a website brings full url to omnibox?

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