High Gloss White High End-ish Tables/Desks

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I am looking for a highend, at least, high quality table that is High Gloss White. For some reason, in Canada I can't seem to find any.


I have an Ikea desk, but that's not exactly high quality.


Such as this is very nice (I've seen it in person) but I want it all high gloss white. http://www.leons.ca/casual-dining-room-furniture/casual-dining/tables/courtyard-table/1504353.aspx#.UxOIG_ldVqA



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I never found a desk suitable for my needs so I ended up building it. Made out of NZ Pine pallets & finished with danish oil With more work & expense I could certainly serve it into the high end realm, right now its covered in everything otherwise I'd post a pic :p.


 If you're looking for high end/quality I'd ask the local joiner/cabinet makers what they can do. That way it will be perfect size and finish for you. The one linked could be painted with a gloss white enamel paint at a pinch as well. Short of getting one built the only other option would be to look around in designer stores. Not sure about Canada but in New Zealand, pretty much anything that comes from a chain/mass distribution store doesn't have quality that matches the price. They are usually of Ikea like kitset quality. The only way to get properly crafted quality is to take the expensive road of getting it made or the just as expensive option of buying a 'designer' item.


Also check out 2nd hand shops and the likes, should be able to find something that will either clean up nicely with a coat of paint or fit the bill right off the bat.

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