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[Q]Cannot always access router gui

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Hey guys so I have a dlink router, not sure of the model at the moment but can get that later, that is running its newest available firmware. I have been having this issue for some time and cant quite figure it out. Sometimes I cannot access the router interface via or 1.2 it will say page not found. I have to power cycle my modem and router and then I can login to the interface as normal. Is the router going bad or faulty?



On another question sometimes when I search via Internet Explorer 11's address bar it will work and search via bing, sometimes I get a weird timewarner page that shows dnssearch.com in the address bar and it has search results but not bing. system is malware free could these two be related?


This is also a hardwire connection

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Well unless you have more than 100mbit internet access then gig on the router gets you nothing in your current configuration


So is this a business, that router is junk for a business (home use too most likely) - that is a really cheap home router.  Did I oversleep or something the date on this firmware is

  • Firmware (3.01)  
  • 07/13/16

2016???  WTF? ;)


I would highly suggest you just purchase a decent router.  You mention 24 port switch, how many users/machines using the internet - what speed of internet do you have?  If services are going bad on the router -- ie you can not access the gui, then I have to assume you use it as a dns forwarder that could have issues as well.


I would look to say a entry level 800 series cisco if this is business.  Or even maybe a 1900 series.. Or if budget - you got old pc or any sort of virtual environment run something like pfsense, or m0n0wall or ipcop or etc. etc..  

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"to power cycle my modem and router"


Why would you have to power cycle the modem?  That has nothing to do with accessing the routers interface.  Why don't you give the exact model numbers of your devices, and vs saying your on the latest, which to be honest in my experience is rarely the case ;)  Give use the actual version number of the firmware your running.


Does internet work?  Can you ping your gateway (router)..  Why are you giving 2 addresses and 1.2??  Do you not know which one it is?  Your router is not going to have 2 addresses - and that seems unlikely to be a "modems" if on the same exact network??


As dnssearch?  Does this happen when you have to reset, or just thought you would throw 2 completely unrelated problems together?  I would guess your ISP is highjacking dns if your seeing such a page.

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Power cycling both is just a habit, uncessary I know, so I will stop doing that.

Model: DLINK EBR-2310 ver. C

Firmware: 3.01


Internet works even when I cannot access the router gui

I can ping the gateway


My mistake on inlcuding 1.2, my router is accessed via



I have noticed the dnssearch issue happening more frequently when I cannot access our routers GUI.



To be honest I am thinking this rounter is a giant POS anyways and am looking for a replacement that has 10/100/1000 anyways.



I figured it would not have matter mentioning we have a 24 port gigabit switch attached as well but I will try to put up a diagram here. I figure I should replace this router anyways because I do not get gigabit, correct me if I am wrong, because not all devices on the network that are hardwired have 10/100/1000 nics.



Coax -> motoralla surfboard -> EBR-2310 -> 24port switch and all computers run through the switch, I only have port 1 filled on the router which goes from the router to the switch to give internet access.

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  • Firmware (3.01)  
  • 07/13/16

2016???  WTF? ;)





OP said it was to up to date!! :wacko:

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+John Teacake

I would still check for this dnssearch thing been the culprit....

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From doing a quick search it seems you can disable the redirect by going to the below address then select "Why am i here". Next in preferences Select Disable the Web Address Error Redirect Service.

It happens when you put an incorrect address in the address bar.


And get a decent router...

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Thanks for the input, this is purely a home network with 9 computers running off of it. Thanks for all of the input and putting up with my noob question.

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