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Soccer Fans Arrested over Fake Bank Notes

By Paul O?Hare, Scottish Press Association

More than 20 Rangers fans who travelled to Germany to watch their team have been arrested for trying to spend fake euro banknotes, it emerged tonight.

Seven supporters were still in custody as the Glasgow giants took to the field to face VfB Stuttgart at the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium.

More than 3,000 fans made the trip to the German city for a game the club must win to have any hope of progressing to the final 16 of the Uefa Champions League.

Christiane Honer, spokeswoman for Stuttgart Police, said: ?Since Tuesday afternoon about 100 fake 50 euro notes have been circulating in the city.

?A total of 26 Scottish supporters have been arrested in the city centre as they tried to pay in restaurants and cafes.

?Staff realised the notes were false and called the police.?

Ms Honer said 19 fans had since been released but seven were still being held.

It is understood they are likely to appear in court tomorrow at the earliest.

On the origin of the counterfeits, Ms Honer said: ?We know that some of the notes are from Scotland.

?They are on bad quality paper and the prints are very bad.

?But if some fans are not familiar with them then they may not know the difference.?

In separate incidents, six Rangers fans were arrested for minor offences, the spokeswoman added.

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