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LED Instrument Cluster retrofit

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wv@gt    1,177

Maybe someone could help. 

I'm replacing the dashboard/instrument cluster bulbs on my 03 subaru. Now originally I wanted to go with a bright white look, but there is green tint behind the cluster which makes the white look pale green. Blue, Red and Amber all look fine. Now I have two questions. 

The bulb is a #194

Now so far I like the look of what my parents have in their Mazda 3 which is a orange/red led color. I want to try to reproduce this, but the red leds so far are deep red and the amber leds come out more yellow. 

This is the LED I have had luck with, but can anyone suggest a way to get the orange/red color that a lot of manufacturers are using right now.


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Auzeras    4

Are the LED colours you want incorrect due to the Tint in the instrument cluster or the LED's themselves are incorrect?


If its because of the clusters tint there's probably not much you can to to be honest, aside from perhaps scratching out or removing the green tint. Probably not possible. If the LED's themselves aren't the right colour, try finding the right ones and making your own bulbs using the original incandescent bulb holders.

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