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Diff. btw rdp, vmware, and cloud

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SlayerS_BoxeR    2

I know vmware is used to run on multiple instances of OS on a hardware while cloud is stored over the internet.

But still, when you want to use vmware or rdp, you need an instance in order to access, and without virtualization, there is no cloud.


Can someone explain to me the difference between them in a simple way please

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+John Teacake    447

You are in two complete different ball parks here.


RDP is a Microsoft tool for Remote Administration. You can RDP to any Windows Box wether it be Physical or Virtual.


It has nothing to do with Cloud/VMWare.


VMWare runs multiple instance of <<Insert OS Here>> On Physical Hardware. If they happen to be Windows you can RDP onto them,


It seems you are very confused.


RDP works regardless if the end host is Physical (Metal) or Virtual (Software) Its a Microsoft bit of Software. A very good bit of Microsoft software actually. 

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